We all love sugar, most of us feel like we have to have it, some of us have it more times than we would like to admit. Some days sugar is what keeps us motivated especially on those rough high stress days.   It seems that sugar has a hold on a lot of us!

Why do you think sugar keeps us a prisoner? Well, your brain and your senses are behind it all.  Think about it, from pain, touch, sense of smell, and sight they all signal news to your brain telling it how to control your body.  Your sense of taste also sends messages to your brain this is the highest contributor to our sugar cravings!  Your tongue sends powerful signals saying “Hey, this is really really TASTY!  Give me more! ”  Your taste buds are  just loving it.  The more we eat sugary foods the more our body craves it!   The more you eat all those cakes, pies, cookies, and chocolate bars the more you are feeding the monster… It is a viscous cycle…  Your body gets use to having it and it’s so hard not to eat it.  It’s like a drug, your body gets to craving it even when you are not even hungry.

Sugar does not benefit our body in any way shape or form.  It only complicates the balance of nutrition we take in and causes havoc on our body in so many ways.  It elevates blood sugar levels too high creating diabetes,  it messes with our healthy gut because it kills some of the good bacteria and it promotes inflammation in the body.  This is only a few of it harmful side effects there is so many more.  Below is how our addiction starts, and continues to keep us struggling to break free!  Stop this cycle, start eliminating sugar NOW!!