Having trouble getting a good night’s sleep?  Do you wonder why you toss and turn?  There are a few triggers that may be causing your restless nights.  We all have had them at one time or another.  They may becoming more regular for you than not.

Everyone knows that sleep is a definite necessity!  Going with too many sleepless nights can disrupt your lifestyle in so many ways.  It’s causes you to be tired, grumpy, and most days you feel like you are in a total brain fog!  Concentration is off at work, and easy daily task can be most difficult.

When it’s time for bed you turn the lights off hoping for a good night’s rest but, when you lie down your brain just doesn’t want to shut down.  You have so much “STUFF” going on in your busy life that the brain is constantly getting the green signal for “Go” when it should be getting the “Red” one.

I know that stress is probably the #1 cause of sleepless nights.  We are human we worry about what happened yesterday, today, and what will happen tomorrow even when we can’t control it.  

There are other triggers that can cause our night’s sleep to be disrupted.

Stimulants- Having that evening irresistible cup of java too close to bedtime can be a “no no”. They say it takes a good 4 to 6 hours before a full cup of coffee works its way out of your system.  So think twice before you take that sip! 

Eating late at night- if you have too many of those carbs before bed or anything to eat for that matter, can cause you to feel too full and cause you to toss and turn.

Bright Lights- you should try to turn off lights about hour or two before bed.  Bright lights can cause you not to wind down.

Going to Bed too Late- Recommended bedtime is around 10 o’clock.  It takes your body time to wind down from your long day.  You can’t expect to hop into bed and go to sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow, LOL (but, I have known some fortunate people that can do that).

Sleep Apnea- If you have a lot of nights with restless sleep you may need to have a sleep apnea test!  A lot of people have this and don’t even know it!

Doing work before bed- How many of you come straight in from an already busy day at work or a laundry list of errands to only continue to work?  You don’t let your mind get the much needed rest it needs before bed.

I want to help you get the best night of sleep possible, so below are just a few relaxing night time rituals you may consider.

  1. Take a hot shower/bath
  2. Use essential oils- Lavender is a great relaxing oil to use before bed
  3. Read an Inspirational book
  4. Take 1 to 2 minutes to write down your to do list before bed.  (That way you won’t think about it when you lie down)
  5. Do a low intense exercise ( yoga or stretching etc.…)

Hope this helps! Everyone needs sleep so take the extra needed time to wind down!