Having trouble Losing Weight? This could be the Culprit!

How many of you have stress in your life? I have to admit I worry way too much about issues that I knowingly can’t change. 

Did you know that high stress levels will keep you from the healthy life you want to achieve?

Obviously stress will bring on illnesses like, heart attacks, stroke, high blood pressure ect…

Lots of people don’t know stress produces something called “cortisol”. Our body needs a certain amount of it in our every day to day activities. But, when you are stressed to the max all the time, our bodies produce too much. Which causes our body to store fat. 

If you think you are eating healthier and working out but, aren’t seeing the results you want. Evaluate your levels of stress. Could be what’s hindering you from losing weight even though you seem to be doing everything right.  Have more fun and stress less!