Going Somewhere?

Do You Think Because You Travel Staying Fit is not an Option?

Did you know that you can travel for work or go on vacation and still stay on track with your daily healthy diet and workout regimen?

Yes you can, I know this because I’ve started traveling with my husband for his job. Staying focused on a healthy lifestyle is hard just on a regular basis in normal circumstances.  Throw in traveling and living at different places, day in and day out, well….that could cause one to back away from the struggle of staying healthy and fit.  I have a few ideas how you can work out and eat healthy even on the go.

Even if you are only going on vacation, staying on your daily regimen and workout schedule can be a difficult task. Here are just a few ideas below to help you out.

First, if you are traveling for your job or just going on vacation being able to choose and book the hotel where you will be staying at is an awesome start.  By you having control of where you stay helps you to choose the hotel that best accommodates your needs.   I know being able to book our own hotel room has been a great help for me.

Most hotels have a fitness center (so, no excuses there lol) but, just in case they don’t no worries!  You don’t have to have all that fancy equipment to work out.  You can do lots of workouts right in your room no equipment required! I will post some easy work outs to do a little later in my video section. (Coming Soon)

Secondly, booking a room with a kitchen can help you stay eating healthier.  You can cook your own meals, that would help keep you accountable while keeping calories to a minimum.  I must say that I love the option to be able to cook verses going out to eat! Personally, I enjoy cooking, but also enjoy an occasional night out on the town time to time.  What girl doesn’t? Right?  LOL

If cooking isn’t an option, restaurants have added more healthier options to their menus which makes having to eat out a little better.

Even with having the benefits of a kitchen in your own room I still have to improvise.  We have a stove, microwave, and refrigerator  most of the time but no oven.  Well…frying food is a big no no! So, I carry a small crock pot, and my George Foremen!  I usually bake or grill EVERYTHING! So this is a must for me!

I have to say it is a little more difficult to eat healthy when you are traveling, especially if you have to eat out every single meal. But, I know you can still do it!  It may take a little more preparation on your part but, you can definitely accomplish it!

Your health is important so take the time to make it better.

I will be posting more info on how to stay healthy while traveling so, check back soon.