10 Ways to Jump Start a Weight Loss Plateau?

Do you feel like you are working hard at the gym, eating healthy, and yet your weight loss has stalled or won’t seem budge? Weight loss plateaus can happen for numerous reasons, especially in women. Here are some changes that you can make that will get you moving towards your goal in no time!

1. Change Up Your Workout Routine:  Once you have been doing the same thing for a period of time your body will eventually adapt to your routine. If what you were doing doesn’t seem to be getting you the same results then you  need to change up your workout routine.

2. Focus on Nutrition:  Weight Loss is broken down- 80% comes from our Nutrition, and the other 20%  from Exercise. For the most part I think that this statement is pretty accurate. The only thing is that a small percentage is also determined by genetics and hormones, especially as women.  This means that eating clean, and cutting out processed foods (such as, white flour and sugar) is essential. Unfortunately, there are no magic pills. If you are serious about reaching your goals, eating nutritious foods on a consistent basis is key!

3. Adjust Calories:  Most people understand that lowering your total intake of calories can help you lose weight…But, did you know that consuming too few calories can actually slow down your metabolism, hindering your progress as well!?!

When it comes to calories, I suggest tracking them for a short period of time, especially in the beginning of your journey.  (I have used MyFitness Pal and S-Health for this from my smart phone.)  When you start to track, you may be surprised to find that you are actually taking in more (or less) calories than you think in a day. I suggest listening to your body, and going by how you feel…And always remember, food is fuel not the enemy!

4. Fill Up on Fiber and Protein:   Foods that are high in fiber and protein not only  make you feel satisfied, but they also take longer to digest, making you feel full longer. They also help balance out your blood sugar levels, which can help reduce and control cravings, and prevent energy crashes!  Some good sources of protein are lean meats and fish, beans and legumes, all natural protein powder and bars.  Good sources of fiber are vegetables, beans, whole grains, sweet potatoes, and lower sugar fruits such as berries and apples. (Remember the old saying, (“an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”)  

5. Stay Hydrated:    So often many of us turn to food instead of drinking water, which can lead to dehydration, and we tend to eat calories that our bodies don’t need.  I suggest reaching for water before food, and giving it at least 15 minutes to see if you feel satisfied. Then if you still feel hungry then eat a healthy snack.

6. Get Enough Sleep:   People don’t realize the importance of sleep.  Our bodies need sleep to repair themselves after workouts, that allows us to build muscle and build up our metabolism. Not getting enough  sleep can also lead to a lack of energy and motivation, making it harder to stay dedicated to working out and eating healthy.

7. Don’t Overdo it:  Although pushing harder may seem like the best option, it can also create stress on the body. When we are  stressed out, our bodies release a hormone called cortisol, which makes it difficult to metabolize fats and carbohydrates properly. This results in a  reaction that increases our appetite, and makes weight loss harder to achieve.

8. Set Realistic Goals:   A lot of times people set goals that set them up for failure. It’s great to have a long term goal to workout out five or six days a week, but that’s not a realistic place to start.  Three to four days of working out is more realistic, you can always add a day here and there.  Then, if you do an extra day, you will feel better about yourself since you went above and beyond.

9. Stay Consistent :  Living a healthy lifestyle is all about balance. This means that the occasional treat or special occasion indulgence is perfectly acceptable. Moderation is the key! The most important thing is to be honest with yourself !   If you have one of those days that you get off track, don’t get discouraged or beat yourself up! Instead, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get right back on track the next day! It’s important to remember that even the most dedicated people have their ‘off days’, Do your best to stay consistent, your body will love you for it!

10. Enjoy the Journey:   The people that have the most success when it comes to reaching their health and fitness goals are the ones that learn to enjoy the journey. Why do you ask!?! Because they see the changes they are making to be a lifetime commitment.  Finding recipes that are both healthy and enjoyable, and finding workouts that you look forward to are incredibly important if you are going to stick with it long term….Living a healthy lifestyle should last forever,  so remember to enjoy the journey!

(Please note:  That I am not a health professional, so please seek the advice of a doctor before starting a diet and exercise program. )